We are so excited to introduce you to Dara, Descasio’s new corporate mascot!

Choosing The Right Type of Mascot For Our Brand

A brand mascot is a visual tool for any company to connect their client base. It creates relationships with users and takes a brand name to a whole new level. That’s why when we started this journey, we took it very seriously. We spent a long time, trying to decide what kind of brand mascot we wanted and after months of planning we can proudly introduce to you our brand mascot – Dara.

You’ll be seeing Dara on our website, social media and even at events. Dara’s role is to personify the spirit of Descasio while symbolizing automation and embodying simplicity. Think of Dara as a helpful, friendly face that’s also a visual representation of our corporate personality and culture– a source of pride for our employees and a symbol of trust for our customers. Like Descasio, Dara is versatile and innovative.

What’s Next for Dara?

The Descasio brand strives to be unique, original and inspiring. As a company, we stand for empowerment, inspiration and a strong human connection through technology.

The Descasio brand is relevant to both businesses and individuals, by bringing technology to your doorstep; we also serve large, medium and small companies. We are serious professionals but also down to earth, to better understand who you are and how we can empower you.

Creating Dara was an important process for our rebrand. Sure, our logo is nice to look at, but it’s not the same as a human face. Dara is a reflection of Descasio’s personality and character, she is the face we want to come to mind when you think of Descasio.

This is just the beginning, a stepping-stone into what’s to come. We will see Dara in lots of situations, going on many adventures to adopt technology and create success stories, which we’ll share with everyone. Thanks for joining in for the ride!

Team Descasio

Our constant quest to offer premium and tailored solutions to serve YOU played a huge role in taking this decision which then evolved into a detailed examination into our company, industry…

“In the last year, Descasio has successfully diversified and scaled its product and service offerings with the goal of broadening our footprint across the continent,” said Dele Nedd, CEO of Descasio. “Our brand identity and website better reflect our market-leading position and clearly demonstrates the comprehensive lifecycle of services we bring to our clients across the continent.”

Descasio, one of the leading providers of technology solutions and digital transformation strategies in West Africa, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity. After 10 years in the tech space, these changes come at a time when the company is evolving its product and service offerings and expanding its global reach.

“In the last year, Descasio has successfully diversified and scaled its product and service offerings with the goal of broadening our footprint across the continent,” said Dele Nedd, CEO of Descasio. “Our brand identity and website better reflect our market-leading position and clearly demonstrates the comprehensive lifecycle of services we bring to our clients across the continent.”

The newly redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages while providing a seamless user experience. The site also better highlights the full suite of services Descasio offers.

“While our name remains the same, our logo, business focus and value proposition have changed significantly to better represent who Descasio is and the innovative and modern technology solutions that we provide to our clients. The time for transformational change is now and we aim to lead in every capacity” commented Gbemi Ajayi, Chief Strategy Officer.

In line with this new direction for Descasio, Chief Innovation Officer, Femi Olugbesan stated “Descasio’s rebranding is not just aesthetics. In addition to the new graphic identity, our first proprietary product to be launched into the market will no doubt change the face of technology on the continent”.

Descasio has grown from a single location office in 2010 to offices and partnerships across the continent today with expansion plans. Currently, the company provides an array of technology-driven solutions, including Digital Transformation, Security Optimisation, Cloud Services Management, Robotics Process Automation, Technology Consulting and Analytics and Reporting.

While these changes come at a time when the world is in recovery mode, post-Covid19, Sales Director, Nehita Fashe pointed out now was the opportune time for the rebrand process to be unveiled “We are distant from the traditional model that began 10 years ago and have taken this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach to market as a whole. Despite how far we’ve come, we remain steadfastly dedicated to innovating at the very edge of sustainability and technology.”

About the logo
The new logo rebrand is rooted in the company’s commitment to ‘Transform Businesses through Technology’. The fonts of the new logo are smooth and steady, which elucidate Descasio brand conception of ‘modern and dynamic’. The deep blue represents ‘Technology’ and the orange circular icon represents ‘the change and transformation that our clients go through when using our services’, the two combined implies Descasio’s spirit of constant exploration and innovation on the way of Technology. Our new look embodies our commitment to innovate every day like it’s Day One.

About Descasio
Descasio is one of Nigeria’s leading B2B technology solutions companies enabling small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise and public sector organisations to expand, digitise, optimise revenue and save costs through the use of digital technology since 2010. Please visit contact us to explore the new website and learn more about the products and services we offer.

With over 15 years of expertise, Trustfund Pensions has been the leading Pension Fund Administrator in Nigeria. The essence of Trustfund Pensions Limited goes beyond administering and managing pension funds, but also to improving the overall net worth of the average employee and providing a stable means of sustenance after retirement.

 To achieve its vision of scale and market dominance, Trustfund Pensions Limited delivers world-class, innovative, quality pension management products and services at low cost, through technology-enabled channels and highly skilled professionals, combined with an aggressive marketing strategy.

To sustain their dominance in the market, they partnered with Descasio, a leading technology solutions company in Nigeria, in order to deploy Microsoft Azure cloud solutions to host the company’s online assets which have greatly increased delivery speed and efficiency. 

Loss of Revenue

Prior to partnering with Descasio a year ago, Trustfund faced a lot of downtimes which caused a lot of strain on workers who had to work overtime to resolve the issues.  This translated to a huge loss of time and revenue as the prolonged system lags negatively impacted service rendered to customers. 

The pension company tried to solve the problem by moving to an open-source hosting platform, but due to regulation, they needed a more secured and structured cloud solution platform.

Flexibility and Reliability

Trustfund quickly sought for a more reliable and effective cloud solution platform to stem these incalculable losses. In stepped Descasio, in collaboration with Microsoft, to deploy a seamless Azure service that requires no manual process while delivering maximum business value, showcasing the flexibility and reliability of the cloud offering.

More Time to Focus on Other Aspects of the Business

The adoption of Azure by Trustfund through Descasio has helped the team to focus solely on other profitable aspects of the business as the technical team at Descasio continues to oversee the hosting infrastructure and resolve support requests that would have usually taken a lot of time.

According to Ndubisi Agba, the Head of Information Technology at Trustfund, the most positive experience of the solution is how efficient Azure is in meeting regulatory objectives, 

“Microsoft Azure through Descasio has helped the Technical team at Trustfund in having a successful IT audit with external auditors as it checks all the requirements and helps meet most of the standards in having a secure and reliable website hosting solution.” 

                                                                  Ndubisi Agba – Head of Information Technology

No doubt, it’s obvious the Pension Company has experienced a transformation with the use of Azure which has shore up revenue leaks before their partnership with Descasio.