We are so excited to introduce you to Dara, Descasio’s new corporate mascot!

Choosing The Right Type of Mascot For Our Brand

A brand mascot is a visual tool for any company to connect their client base. It creates relationships with users and takes a brand name to a whole new level. That’s why when we started this journey, we took it very seriously. We spent a long time, trying to decide what kind of brand mascot we wanted and after months of planning we can proudly introduce to you our brand mascot – Dara.

You’ll be seeing Dara on our website, social media and even at events. Dara’s role is to personify the spirit of Descasio while symbolizing automation and embodying simplicity. Think of Dara as a helpful, friendly face that’s also a visual representation of our corporate personality and culture– a source of pride for our employees and a symbol of trust for our customers. Like Descasio, Dara is versatile and innovative.

What’s Next for Dara?

The Descasio brand strives to be unique, original and inspiring. As a company, we stand for empowerment, inspiration and a strong human connection through technology.

The Descasio brand is relevant to both businesses and individuals, by bringing technology to your doorstep; we also serve large, medium and small companies. We are serious professionals but also down to earth, to better understand who you are and how we can empower you.

Creating Dara was an important process for our rebrand. Sure, our logo is nice to look at, but it’s not the same as a human face. Dara is a reflection of Descasio’s personality and character, she is the face we want to come to mind when you think of Descasio.

This is just the beginning, a stepping-stone into what’s to come. We will see Dara in lots of situations, going on many adventures to adopt technology and create success stories, which we’ll share with everyone. Thanks for joining in for the ride!

Team Descasio

Through the use of specialized software, you can eliminate repetitive tasks from your team’s workload.

As technology continues to advance, mankind is finding more efficient ways to use emerging technology to simplify and eliminate repetitive tasks. One such advancement is the ominously named robotic process automation, which leverages software to make repetitive tasks a thing of the past. While RPA is more common in the enterprise realm, small businesses can also utilize this emergent tech.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Though its name might evoke images of an uprising of metal and lasers, robotic process automation is anything but that. At its core, RPA is a piece of “robot” software that lets users reduce the number of repetitive tasks they need to do on a computer by mimicking those actions.

From timecard management to data entry, RPA tools eliminate the need for employees to spend their time on computer-based, routine tasks. Instead, employees can focus their energies where they’re actively needed, increasing overall productivity.
How does robotic process automation work?
Since RPA is not powered by artificial intelligence, it needs some level of human interaction to work. It’s after that initial setup that the magic happens.

To get RPA working, a person must first teach it the actions that will be automated on the computer or virtual machine. Whenever an application is opened, a mouse click is initiated, a new task is started, or some other action is taken in an application, an RPA can be taught to do those same actions as a set of programmable rules and instructions. After each step is mapped out, the program can run those manual tasks back, recreating each action with incredible speed and precision.

What are the benefits of Robotic Process Automation?

Along with the reduction in repetitive tasks and the ability to free up employees to be productive in other areas of your business, RPA has some other inherent benefits that any business would find valuable.

Reduced costs

Automation in its many forms is well known for its ability to cut operating costs as a sort of digital workforce. If you no longer need an employee to handle a certain task because of automation, you are spending less money on that task. Similarly, RPA can cut costs that can be due to human error, since the software will handle its functions accurately as long as it was taught correctly.

More engaged employees

Doing repetitive tasks for hours on end can be a mentally and emotionally draining experience. Implementing an RPA robot to handle boring tasks frees up employees to work on more engaging activities that increase their attentiveness, boost morale and, in the case of businesses that regularly deal with the public, provide a better overall customer experience.

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The fascinating advent of digital transformation represents a seismic shift that will impact companies, business paths, and entire economic structures.

The fascinating advent of digital transformation represents a seismic shift that will impact companies, business paths, and entire economic structures.

The question today is, what digital tools should you start diving into in order to get fully prepared to master this incredibly powerful transformation, hone new skills, and boost your digital swagger? By reading this article on the best digital transformation tools, you will get access to the top 5 best tools you should explore to ride the digital transformation wave in style.

What is Digital Transformation?
Digital transformation is the brand-new utilisation of digital tech to deal with typically complex problems. This series of digital solutions can actually craft whole new types of creative innovation, instead of just serving as an enhancement or an add-on to what already exists. This change represents the integration of immensely complex digital technologies into all the different arenas of a corporation.

The expected result? To ensure there will be crucial changes in terms of how businesses effectively operate and how they can ultimately boost the value they give the end-customer.

Digital transformation can also be seen as a cultural change. Why? Because it will consistently require that all businesses challenge their own perceptions and ideas, putting the status quo to test every single day.

What is the aim of Digital Transformation?
This cultural shape-shifting phenomenon has one goal: to ensure digitized information creates methods that let organizations become more efficient. It’s really all about allowing companies to understand that – in order for them to stay relevant and still have a business in the next 5 years – they need to up the ante, become faster, better, more tech-oriented, and more knowledgeable of the power of data.

What are the biggest challenges facing Digital Transformation?
There are many challenges when it comes to digital transformation. The most important one is what is known as employee pushback. What’s this all about? It’s about understanding human beings like routine and structure and that this type of change will obviously impact that tried-and-tested method. What to do? Businesses should ensure they keep their employees informed of all the different changes that will impact their day-to-day.

Here’s a list of other digital transformation challenges that are sure to take a lot of hours of sleep from some of the world’s most forward-thinking CEOs:

  • Difficulty to find expertise to lead the digital boom.
  • Resistance from top brass (usually more conservative and resilient in their ways)
  • Lack of a budget assigned to digital transformation.
  • Lack of full-blown visibility when it comes to the end user experience.
  • Highly-complexified IT infrastructure that makes it impossible to perform needed changes.
  • Budgetary restrictions that make companies lag behind.

An easy choice
As technology change increases, industries will continue to be forced to change. Corporations that regard and pursue digital transformation in a multi-dimensional way will find greater success than those that don’t.

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