Biswal Limited is a subsidiary of the R28 group holdings. The company builds, deploys and maintains infrastructures that enable leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria to provide quality service to their end users.

In today’s technology driven world, telecommunication companies play a major role in ensuring that activities in the digiverse continue to run smoothly and people can attain the level of connections that they desire with their families, friends, associates, clients and the rest of the digital community. This highly significant role places a huge responsibility on telcos to maintain quality service provision and stay consistent on the path of innovation.

For over a decade, Biswal Limited has provided the technical support that has enabled telcos to achieve this goal. The company empowers its clients to compete favourably within the telecommunication industry and provide the services that go on to shape the experience of businesses and people within the scope of their far-reaching tentacles.

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For a technical service provider like Biswal, maintaining effective communication and collaboration internally is a high priority. Team members need to be in sync at all times to help them attain a height of innovation collectively. This led the company to Descasio’s doorstep.

Average is never good enough for our clients

According to Osas Agbonlahor, IT Manager Biswal Limited, “ Employees throughput and output rate at the time was on an average scale. Teams were only able to achieve half their potential in terms of productivity due to existing issues with our traditional mailing system and the absence of a collaboration tool at the time.”

“This was a major concern for us at the time, especially because we were onboarding more telcos at the time. Hence, there was a pressing need for us to expand our efficiency as a team as well as our productivity bandwidth”, he added.

Descasio takes us from average to high-performing

“After doing some research, we heard of Descasio’s competence in delivering collaboration services that truly work to bring team members together round the clock and so we reached out to them.”

“We were met with a high level of technical expertise and dynamic talents who provided a very clear roadmap for helping attain the position we had envisioned. They were very detailed in explaining what each layer of process will entail and this made it much easier to work with them, trust in their expertise and appreciate the value that they were bringing to the table”.

The Descasio team deployed an effective collaboration solution in the cloud, enabling our employees to access all of its features from different locations. The implemented solution helped to improve collaboration, effective task delegation and monitoring.

The results of these changes was an improved user experience for all employees, increased capacity for innovation, and an upshoot in team productivity.

Walking us through the transition

Moving from our traditional mailing system required a cultural change within the organization and this was not an entirely easy process, understanding that it takes time to build or change culture. However, the Descasio team was instrumental in ensuring that we had a smooth sail into the new module.

They provided step by step guides to heads of relevant departments to equip them to lead their subordinates into this new phase. They also organized and still organize several workshops for all our employees to help us see new values that can be derived from the solutions that they deployed for us, even as these solutions continue to experience upgrades.

Facing the gloomy pandemic situation

The pandemic was clearly a shocker for every business and every individual. We were not in any way exempted from this reality. Our employees had to work from home and we had to get used to being productive without being under any ocular supervision.

However, we would like to think that we were more prepared for the event, culturally, compared to some of our competitors. This was as a result of the transition that we had already made since Descasio’s intervention. with Descasio and the help that they provided to ensure that we mastered the dynamics of the solutions deployed.

Coming through on her promises

Descasio’s brand promise is to transform businesses through technology and for Biswal Limited, this is not just a statement but an experience.

Descasio helps businesses undergo a seamless, positive repositioning journey. With a vast array of solutions needed for effective, efficient, and excellent business processes, Descasio consistently provides tailored solutions focused on delivering sustainable and profitable outcomes to every unique business.