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business automation

Why you should Automate Your Business now II

Introduction In the digital age, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to automate their operations, reduce manual efforts, and boost productivity. Automation refers to the process of using technology to perform routine, repetitive, and…
no-code technology for insurance companies

How Insurance Companies Can 10x their Income With New Tech

The insurance industry has been slow to adopt technology and change, but the need for digitization and automation has become increasingly important.
nigeria japa syndrome

New Year, Old Challenges – How Businesses Can Solve the Japa Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the Japa syndrome? If you haven’t, you must be leaving under a noise-cancelling rock somewhere. “Japa”, a Nigerian slang for ‘running away’ is now fittingly associated with a popular trend, Nigerians escaping the hardship of the country.
data driven business

6 Ways Businesses Can Be Data Driven in 2023

Data is the new oil. The world is going digital fast, and the data race has begun. With the digital transformation of businesses accelerating, organisations are increasing their investments in AI and Big Data technologies to gain a competitive edge.