QA Tester

First Level Supervisor: CTO
Department: Technology Services
Job Type: Permanent, Full time
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Story

One of Africa’s fastest-growing and leading technology solutions provider, with a team of highly skilled and certified technology professionals committed to and passionate about delivering value to small, medium and large sized businesses across all industries.

We focus on implementing tailored digital transformation solutions that match each businesses’ needs and ambitions by supporting them to achieve lower operational costs, improved productivity, standardized processes, data security, competitive market offerings and high customer engagement.

Our Value Proposition

At Descasio, we are a one-stop transformation solutions provider that co-creates, advises, and supports our clients to simplify doing business through modern and innovative technology solutions.

Job Overview

The QA Tester will assist in the development testing of our projects. They are responsible for the direct operational test coverage administration of their assigned projects. The position will oversee title test planning, organization, coverage, execution, staffing and communication. Attention to detail is a critical requirement of the role, as is a highly communicative, amicable and mature demeanour in supporting the development team.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

    • Perform thorough testing of applications.
    • Execute manual test cases, for creating pre-go live test documentation, and for participating in the development of automated test scenarios.
    • Develop, implement and assign master test plans and incorporate them into the software testing process.
    • Primary ownership, administration and communication of all QA-related project data and associated risks for all assigned projects.
    • Primary ownership in operational training, development, performance management and delegation to assigned Senior Test Analysts and Testers.
    • Perform validation and exploratory development test coverage using different testing techniques on
      assigned projects.
    • Perform technical analysis of underlying code and data to identify and resolve core causes of technical issues.
    • Perform direct technical support of building pipelines and advanced tools to the development team.
    • Coordinate and develop plug product strategic test plan, approach and framework to cover end-to-end
      test scenarios
    • Build and develop automated test capabilities including tooling and scripts to cover functional, regression and non-functional test
    • Perform issue reporting, research, analysis, confirmation and support resolution on assigned projects.

Job Description

    • Perform build deployment, scheduling and reporting.
    • Collaborate work across disciplines within the development team to help drive projects to completion.
    • Maintain a strong knowledge of the project design and scheduling changes to support QA test effectiveness, focus and reporting.

Experience & Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business or relevant degree or higher.
    • 5+ years minimum experience.


    • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    • Product Training
    • Technical Training e.g. Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Google

Corporate Competencies

    • Customer-Centric
    • Value Creators
    • Innovative
    • Leadership
    • Ownership

Functional Competencies

    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Business Management, Computer Science or related field
    • Minimum of 5 years in Senior Tester Analyst or equivalent position.
    • Experience in quality assurance/control testing.
    • Experience in advanced-level testing techniques.
    • A desire to work in a fast-paced, high-energy, team-oriented environment.
    • fantastic team player, communicator, and facilitator. You have the communication skills and people-focused design mentality to help set up frameworks.
    • Excellent quality experience, excellent communication skills, and ability to work closely with project teams, dedication to the successful delivery within tight timelines, leveraging Agile project management methodologies.
    • Understanding of the technologies to be used.